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p.s Finally got the chance to watch the Lost finale and omg! SAWYER! My love for him has seriously increased. Aww and he told Kate to find his daughter and apologize for him *melts*. Desmond is made of awesome- i'm so glad he's finally found peace and Penny - he truly deserves it. Ben and Locke are both deranged. And can someone please explain to me why A) Richard never ages. B) What happened to Claire? I mean i've seen all the eps but how and why did she abandon Aaron. C) Charlotte came back to the island?! D) I knew it would be Locke in the coffin!

p.s.s It's past midnight here so its officially my lil sisters birthday! She's 17! so happy birthday to her.

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Title: Secrets: Against his kind
Author: sanaazzy / DA4life
Genre: Drama/Angst/Humour
Rating: PG-13 to M
Status: WIP Multi-chaptered
Summary: Sequel to Secrets: This takes place after Proof of Purchase - Only Alec doesn’t go to Max for help but instead makes another deal with White. Eventually M/A

Disclaimer – I don’t own anything

“‘But even the sturdiest ground, can shift and can tremble and let us fall down’”.
-Kate Voegele

Chapter 3: Kindly Unspoken

“So I got the cure. I’m sorry I didn’t tell you earlier, I just needed some space.”

“We haven’t really seen much of each other lately Max, how much space could you possibly need?”

She looked away, a shoulder lifting up in a shrug. “I needed time. I wasn’t sure I was ready.”

“Ready for what exactly?”

She sighed. After a pause Max turned and looked at him, “Us.”

Her tone softened at his understanding look. “We haven’t really talked, you know.”

“I know.”



“Boo, you know damn well talking to your reflection ain’t gonna help anybody.”

Max jerked and twisted around, her brown eyes wide and a crimson flush slowly covering her caramel cheeks. “Cindy! I didn’t hear you.”

“You ain’t the only one with skills.” Original Cindy smirked happily. Sneaking up on Max was an almost impossible task. She thrust out her chest with pride, folded her arms and leaned against the bathroom doorway. Her eyes travelled to the almost-full bath tub and back to Max’s blue bathrobe. “Got some special plans for tonight, Boo?”

Max turned back to her reflection with a shrug. “I was gonna see Logan. Figured it was about time we had the talk.”

“What are you gonna tell him?”

“I’ll figure that out when I get there.” Their eyes met through the mirror and OC smiled kindly.

“So” OC smirked after a pause, an innocent look in her eyes. “That was Alec.”

Max tensed at the mention of his name. She had spent her day avoiding him and what pissed her off more, she knew he had been avoiding her too.

'Who the hell was he to threaten her?’

She turned away from the mirror and walked the few steps to the bathtub, pushing away the disappointment and the slow burning feeling in her gut. That quiver of hope she had felt at seeing him again, standing there in the middle of Jam Pony with his navy sweater and his dark blue jeans. It had been a sign. He was her out. It was a selfish thought, but at that moment she had needed one. Only he’d looked at her with resentment clear in his eyes, and she’d felt that quiver of hope shrivel up and die.

Straightening her spine, she walked past OC, grabbed another water-filled pan and slowly poured the hot water into the bathtub, prolonging the task of having to reply with an appropriate response.

“He’s an ass.” She finally muttered, hoping she sounded unconcerned.

“Oh yeah, I totally agree, he’s a real ass, you know gettin’ you your job back.”

“Well if it hadn’t been for him, I wouldn’t have lost it in the first place.”

Original Cindy arched a perfect brow. “Is this how you treated Logan at the beginning of your relationship?”

“We’re not like that.”

“But you are with Alec?”

“No!” She paused. “No. Can we please not talk about him anymore?”

Original Cindy shrugged, her hands raised in a gesture of silent surrender and Max smiled gratefully.

“Am I gonna see you at Crash?”

“Depend on how things go with Logan, so probably yes.” She replied pulling at the knot that held her bathrobe together and experimentally dipped her big-toe into the water.

“I’ll see you there then.”


“Dude, are you coming to Crash?”

Alec looked over his shoulder. “Hey Sketch, what’s Crash?” he asked mildly, as he pulled the zipper shut on his bag and stuffed it into his locker.

“The bar we hang out at after a long hard day; cheap beer and hot girls.”

Alec smirked. “Where is it?”

“1313 Euclid.” Sketchy paused when Alec showed no recognition. “Seriously, you’ve never heard of Crash? Dude, where do you go?”

Alec shrugged. “Sector 9. The blowfish tavern”

“Whoa, fine ladies man. How the- ?” His eyes suddenly lit up and he leaned in “I hear they do twofers?”

He nodded. “I know the bouncer.”

“That’s awesome. You’re gonna have to get me in sometime.” Sketchy grinned sheepishly.

“Sure thing” Alec laughed. “So this Crash place?”

Sketchy threw an arm over his shoulders, steering him towards the ramp and out of the building. “It’s your first time so my treat.”

“How can I say no to that? Hey, is there a pool table?” When Sketchy nodded, he grinned and rubbed his hands together “Now that’s what I’m talking about.”

Alec smirked, surprised at how well he had fitted into this Jam Pony deal. Maybe it was just the company, the girls that would rub themselves against him every chance they got and the lack of actual work he had to do – he had a sweet deal going for him. The only challenging part was avoiding Max which wasn’t even that hard since she had been staying far away from him too.

‘Yes, he could get used to this.’


Max revved the engine of her black motorcycle, and took off down the dark street.

She was going to hell. A very special kind of hell probably made just for her kind. Seeing as how she was almost human, or somewhat human, she figured hell was still a given for her and hers.

And it’s not like she didn’t deserve it, she was a horrible person. How could she hurt Logan like that? How could she build up his hope, only to turn around and say ‘I don’t think this is gonna work out between us. We need space. I need space.’

And he hadn’t even argued with her, like he had somehow been expecting it. Like he knew she would break his heart.

Oh god. Had she really done it? Had she really just ruined the best thing that had possibly ever happened to her?

To top it off, she hadn’t even been able to give him an appropriate answer. I need space is not an appropriate answer. She had had three months worth of space while in Manticore. If only he had said something, argued, called her names; anything but the silence. He was an opinionated guy, always had something to say but not today.

She steered the ninja into a dark alleyway, and increased the speed feeling the powerful vibrations beneath her thighs.

It wasn’t fair for her to string him along. She needed to figure out what was happening. She needed to figure herself out. She needed a drink and Original Cindy’s advice.

She parked the bike outside Crash, turned the key and slid off.


Max slumped on the seat next to Original Cindy and dropped her head onto the table.

“You gonna tell me what happened?” OC asked, getting straight to the point.

“I told him I needed space.” She mumbled her mouth squashed on her arm.

“Good thing you practised that speech then.”

Max turned her head to the side. “Are you going soft on me OC? Where are your usual wise words?”

“It’s my night off.”

“Figures,” Max huffed. “You on a date?” she asked, noticing her friend’s half-naked clad body.

OC winked and turned to look at a blonde tending the bar. “I will be soon.” She turned to face Max, “Boo, don’t sweat it; everything will turn out for the best.”

“It truly is your night off.” Max mumbled and OC chuckled. A round of applause erupted from behind them and they both swivelled around to see the action surrounding the pool table. Max sat up straight and stretched out her neck, trying to catch a glimpse of the person who had won over the crowd, and when she did she wished she hadn’t.

A smirking Alec- counting his winnings- and a sulking Sketchy pushed their way through the crowd surrounding them and seemed to be making their way towards their table. Satisfied, he stuffed the money into the inside pocket of his jacket, looked up and clapped Sketchy on the back, and his eyes landed on hers. He almost froze in mid-step but caught himself and carried on.

“By the way boo,” Cindy said from beside her, “I feel compelled to warn you that Alec is here.”

Max twirled around in her seat to look at her friend: Eyes wide with astonishment. “Are you serious?”

“Boo, this thing you guys are going through needs to be sorted, it’s not just gonna disappear. Plus all the angst-like moping about you’ve been doing isn’t good for you. You can’t just keep ignoring each other.”

“Yes, we can. It’s been working great for us both” Max hissed. They were closer now and she felt herself stiffen at the sound of his voice.

“Ladies,” He smoothly greeted: The ever present charm and smirk in place. “I’ll get the next round.”

Max slowly adjusted her body; her eyes discreetly following his movements to the bar. His gait, one of cockiness and confidence surprisingly tempting and.... ‘When had his shoulders gotten so broad? They hadn’t spent this much time together since their time together at Manticore.

“Hey, Max?”

“Yeah,” she answered jerkily, distractedly.

“You okay?”

“Uh huh.”

Sketchy frowned, “You sure? Because you haven’t said a word to Alec since you got here.”

“Mind yo’ own business fool.” Original Cindy jumped in to Max’s relief.

As Original Cindy continued to rebuke Sketchy, Max once again subtly let her eyes wonder to where he stood lounging, an elbow resting on the bar and a hand carelessly on the hip of a slim redhead.

She forced herself to look away, but with dismay found herself watching him again. He talked animatedly, looking both alert and relaxed at the same time.

Max jumped up from her seat and hoped that her friends did not notice her sudden discomfort and need to escape. “I’m gonna go.”

Original Cindy frowned and raised a brow “But, you just got here.”

“I need to clear my head. See you guys later.” She moved away from the table before they could reply and made a hasty retreat to the stairs. She turned to look at him one last time and their eyes met. He smirked almost callously, and turned his attention back to the girl, completely dismissing her.

Anger surged through her so thick, that she could almost smell the pungent scent in the air surrounding her. She wanted to walk up to him and scratch out his eyes and break his hand; and snap the neck of the pathetic girl panting heavily beside him like she was in heat, eating up all his words with her irritating shrill laugh. How dare he? She turned around and took a few steps towards them but then stopped and walked thunderously back to the seat she had just vacated and slid back in.

Sketchy looked up from staring morosely at his empty beer mug, “I thought you were leaving?”

Max shrugged, pretending not to notice the knowing look OC had thrown at her. “Change of plans. I’m staying.”


As the conversation around her continued, Max took a sip of her drink and eyed Alec with narrowed eyes over the rim of the glass. He was leaning back on his chair, an arm resting on the back of OC’s chair and the other on the table beside his mug. His hair was slightly longer and lighter than she remembered; and his lips were turned up on one side in a half smirk-half smile that was so familiar that she felt the burning sensations in her stomach.

She drummed the fingers on her free hand on her thigh. How could he be so indifferent with her sitting opposite him?

She moved her hand from her thigh to the table beside her glass. She took another sip of the warm beer, her thoughts back to wondering and scrutinizing him. Why hadn’t he taken the redhead home? Saying that, where did he live? Apartments were hard to find. Absently she drummed against the wood, her short nails strumming against the table in a soothing sound.

She thought she saw him stiffen for a moment and his eyes flicker to her hand but when she looked at him, he looked relaxed and was chuckling at something Sketchy was saying.

“She was a psycho! A monster in bed, and being her toy-boy was an extremely memorable experience-”

Why the hell was he there? Sitting there drinking and laughing with her friends? For someone who had threatened her and said he didn’t want to work with her, he sure made an effort to know the people she-

His palm was on her hand!

She hadn’t even seen him move. He had extended his arm across the round table and his cool palm was on the back of her hand, forcing her fingers to still its movement. She was surprised at how soft his hands were.

“Please don’t.” He finally said his voice soft yet annoyed.

She blinked, opened her mouth, looked at their hands and whipped her hand back.

“Hey, Max.” Someone said from behind her and she froze. She knew that voice. She turned to face Asha, with her short blonde hair, slim figure and pretty blue eyes. Her mouth snapped shut and she thrust her hand under the table, her skin still tingling from his touch.

Asha smiled. “I didn’t know you kicked it here.”

Max blinked again, trying to focus. “Yeah,” she finally answered. “I’m practically a regular.”

Original Cindy cleared her throat from beside her and Max turned to look at her. “Oh! Original Cindy, Alec and Sketchy – this is Asha.” She watched passively as they exchanged greetings but when Alec shook her hand, his alluringly boyish smirk in place, Max felt her eyes narrow and her hand twitch.

A beeper went off. Momentarily distracted Max instinctively reached for the beeper at her hip. She pulled it up to eye level but saw no number. She frowned until realisation hit; she had broken-up with Logan.

Alec stood up from his seat and her eyes quickly followed him.

“Sorry guys,” he apologized, waving the beeper in his hand. “I forgot I had plans tonight.” He grabbed his jacket and slid an arm through the sleeve.

“I’ll see you guys tomorrow.” He smirked and winked at Asha, then turned and walked away.

Max jumped and followed him. “Who are you going to scam next?”

“I’m laughing on the inside, Max.” He replied without turning. He pushed the doors open and the cold wind whipped at her face and hair.

“I know you scammed Sketchy.” Why was she arguing about this?

He exhaled. “All’s fair in love and pool.” He stuffed his hands into his pockets and kept walking. She stopped at her bike.

Why wouldn’t he look at her?

“You’re an ass!”

“And you’re a bitch.”


Agent Browsie watched X5-494 as he sauntered slowly towards him. He hated his weekly meetings with him; any day now 494 was going to snap, he could feel it. It was in his eyes – the caged animal in him was fighting to be freed. Of course he always tried to avoid looking into 494’s eyes, the gold specks in his eyes always brightened and he knew no federal badge would protect him- he was his prey.

“You’re late.”

Alec rolled his eyes. “Browsie”

“It’s Agent Browsie to you, 494.”

“Yeah, yeah, whatever.” Alec pulled out the small Black notepad from his back pocket and threw it at his chest.

Browsie caught it and flipped it open. He felt bile rise up his throat and his stomach clenched.

“You’re not afraid of me are you, Browsie? I wouldn’t hurt you. It pains me that you would even think I’d be capable of hurting a fly.”

Agent Browsie looked at the small blooded pages of sheet and instinctively a hand massaged his throat- memories of his first meeting with 494. ‘Hurt a fly my ass!’

Alec noticing the action chuckled. “Ahh, you know I didn’t mean to do that.”

“I know nothing of that sort.”

“Would it make you feel better if I apologized? I mean I see you every week, I wouldn’t want you to hate me.” He smiled, the gold specks shining in the dark. “I think of you as my friend.”

Browsie averted his eyes, and without replying walked a few steps away, pulled out his phone and dialled.

He knew it was pointless moving away, he knew 494 could hear everything both sides discussed. But the small amount of distance between them made him feel safe.

Alec watched him with cold eyes. If it hadn’t been for that voice recognition software and the random question that Browsie had to answer, he would’ve been free. He plastered on a smile when Browsie finally hanged up and walked towards him. He pulled out a fresh identical notepad and held it out to him.

“Well done 494.”

Reluctantly taking the notepad, Alec shoved it into his pocket, turned and walked back into hell.

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